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The benefits of burning sage

  • Relieving headache and sore throat pain
  • Reducing oxidative stress in the body
  • Protecting against free radical damage
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Protecting against bacterial and viral infections
  • Supporting digestion
  • Protecting against memory loss
  • Reducing depression or improving mood


How to burn your sage. 

  • 1.- Burn sage in a well-ventilated area. Do not leave burning sage unattended. Keep away from
    animals, children, and flammable material. Open windows and doors.
    2.- Smudging, always think good thoughts and say your blessing or prayer. Never blow on the
    smoking sage; you'll blow away your spirit and positive energy.
    3.- Hold the sage stick at one end and point it downward at a 45-degree angle, bring a flame to the
    downward pointed tip, and rotate the stick to light different parts of the sage. Light the stick until
    It catches fire. Put out the fire by blowing it out with a feather or with your hand. Fan the sage 1o
    develop a nice, even ember. To increase the amount of smoke the sage produces, fan the ember to
    increase its size.
    4.- Place the smoking sage in a non-flammable bowl to catch ash and embers. You may also hold
    your sage in your hand while you smudge but be careful to make sure embers do not touch you,
    others or things around your home.
    5.- Smudge your body with the smoke; cleanse yourself with the smoke. Smudge your hands to prepare
    yourself for your ritual. Smudge your legs so you walk Through life in a good way. Smudge your
    mouth to speak good things. Smudge your eyes to see good things. Smudge your ears to hear good
    things. Smudge your heart to feel good things. Smudge your head to think good things.
    6.- Smudge the room you are in by moving the smoking sage around the room to cleanse the entire
    room from floor to ceiling and from corner to corner. Move on to the next room and repeat the
    7.- You can smudge other persons or objects by moving the stick around the person's body or the object from top to bottom.
    8. - To prevent the embers from dying out, fan the embers. When you are done using the stick, snuff out
    the embers on your smudging bowl.
    9.- Repeat all the steps but this time with the Palo Santo instead of the sage bundle.