Sea Moss Gel With Burdock Root

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Organic Sea Moss Gel made with natural spring water. When preparing the sea moss, it is soaked with natural spring water with the addition of key limes. This cuts down on the ocean taste and smell for your enjoyment.

Benefits of The Burdock Root it contains a number of medicinal properties that have been used for hundreds of years. Herbalists all over the world use burdock
root as a blood purifier. It is the root of the burdock plant that is harvested. Burdock has been used to treat a variety skin diseases such as abscesses, acne, carbuncles, psoriasis and eczema. The beneficial effects of this herb includes increasing circulation to the skin and helping to detoxify the epidermal tissues. Burdock Root has been reported to destroy bacteria and fungus cultures. It is a popular detoxifying agent that produces a diuretic effect on the body which aids the filtering of impurities from the bloodstream. By promoting perspiration, burdock root eliminates toxins through the skin by producing a detoxifying effect.